What is Finnova?

Finnova is a Foundation whose ambition is to be a major leverage in innovative and wealth creating initiatives in Europe, providing networking, innovation and funding support

  • to smart start-ups, SMEs, associations, networks, private and public organisations
  • from ideas and concepts generation to selection, enrichment and funding.

Finnova’s Mission is clear

  • to facilitate the creation of exciting, significantly value creating and innovative initiatives (Innova)
  • through adequate financing and support (Fin).

How does Finnova achieve this?

On major issues such as ICT, waste and water Management, smart and sustainable cities, etc. – Finnova serves as a collaborative entrepreneurial Innovation and funding platform.

The following seven areas of services are available


  • It fosters international and interregional cooperation between people, organisations, Universities and institutions associated in innovative opportunities and projects through

i.    Multi-sided conferences,encounters, roundtables, and workshops

ii.    Partnership development and project development roundtables.

  • Finnova associates diverse groups of actors, promotes dialogue and networking to create ad hoc project teams.
  • It organises meetings of people interested in the co-creation of meaningful initiatives and projects which are above selfish national and/or regional interests. The acceptance and strength of the Forum’s initiatives comes from the quality of the projects, of the “Care Holders” and of the sincere altruistic dimensions of each project.

2. EU-FUNDING: Finnova contributes its in-depth knowledge of EU funding mechanisms

a) Facilitating the monitoring of funding opportunities

b) Roadmap to EU Funding 2014 – 2020 and general consulting on funding programmes

c) RECEPTION OF PROPOSALS from initiators of projects and optimal circuit”

d) External assistance to proposal preparation

e) Project monitoring and evaluation: internal and external monitoring; ex ante and ex post evaluation

3. FINNOVA INNOVATION PLATFORM provides opportunities and access to 5 areas of services, expert assistance and facilitation which can be combined as needed

1 )  Innovation challenge definition and framing

  • Clear and shared project Scope and focus
  • Strategic roadmap and support from a project idea to EU Funding
  • Assistance in Project Management (national and international)

 2)    Learning, opportunities detection and knowledge creation

  • need and Innovation opportunities detection on major issues
  • Project ideas screening
  • ACCESS TO INFORMATION concerning projects launched by any source located inside (sometimes outside) the European Community and possible assistance in the constitution of the various study and work groups as well as logistics if required
  • Learning expeditions
  • Interview with remarkable people
  • Education, coaching and training in Serious Creativity and Pertinent Innovation through courses, seminars, workshops, conferences, labs.
  • and the specific NO-MAD AKADEMI ®

 AKADEMI stands for

A lternatives      versus Alternative

K nowledge       versus  Ignorance

A spirations       versus  Fatalisation

D isruptions       versus  Extrapolations

E ducation         versus  Conformation

M ovements       versus  Status quo

I nnovation        versus  Renovation

 The Akademi offers a curriculum which is NOT available in any other Institution in terms of approaches, combinations, energies, dynamics, entertainment and fun.

 3)    Creative Research :

  • ideas and concepts generation
  • scenario building
  • assessment and enrichment of ideas
  • business Model development

 4)    Rapid prototyping and experimentation

  • Minimum Viable impact proposal
  • Prototypes
  • Fab Lab (Do It With Others)

 5)    Launching and exploitation


    • Finnova proactively proposes innovative projects to Regions and other actors
    • it offers on the spot Strategic Thinking and Strategic Innovation services to Cities, Municipalities and Regions in order to help Mayors, Governors and other stakeholders identify, formulate and design innovative projects bringing significant Added-Value to their community and meeting the Financing criteria of the European Commission
    • Finnovaregio also contributes to the installation of an Innovation Culture, strategies and practices in all Institutions, Communities and Organisations in the EU and in other geographical and / or political areas


We offer connection with the Brussels based European associations, networks, public and private organisations (more than 35.000 companies members of BECI – Brussels Enterprises Commerce and Industry, more than 400 regional and local representation offices to the EU)

6. NETWORKING, LOBBYING, marketing and promotion; education and professional improvement;

7. Fully serviced and strategically located working environment and meeting spaces

These spaces are fully equipped with all necessary items (projector, Flipcharts, markers etc.)

Upon request, the meetings can be facilitated by professionals who can even help the organizers prepare their meeting (More precise wording of the subject, of the Focus, definition of the Thinking sequences etc.)